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June 2009

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Ready, Set, Glow

 I somehow ended up trying DXM three times during last week, each time with different people and with different dosages.

The first night I tripped on this awesome substance was very loopy and it happened very much by chance. My good friend Mark (who is far more experienced than I and is particularly experienced with DXM) suggested that Ryan and I try robotripping to see if we like it. We decided it was a good idea and off we were to H-E-B to purchase our weapon of choice: Robitussin Coughgels. These softgels are appealing in many ways: they're widely available, inexpensive (about $5 per bottle, each bottle containing 20 softgels for a total of 300mg of DXM) and contain no active ingredients other than DXM. Ryan and I purchased two bottles and headed back to our friend Keith's apartment. Although Mark did not trip with Ryan and I, he was there throughout the night observing and basically tripsitting us. The DXM experience can be broken down into four major plateaus (with one transitional phase and an additional plateau referred to as plateau sigma), each with its own particular effects. We each downed our bottles for a total dosage of 300mg. For myself, this calculates to a mid to high-level second plateau dosage and for Ryan a low to mid-level second plateau dosage. After dosing, we decided to play some Smash Bros. and smoke some weed to counter the oncoming nausea that is to be expected with DXM. About an hour or so later, I noticed that I felt a little different. Several minutes later I was having tremendous difficulty focusing on the screen and I had to stop playing because it was making me dizzy. I stood up from my chair to walk over to the bed when I noticed how incredibly hard it became for me to walk. Luckily it was a short distance and I made it to the bed without any major incident. I decided to lay in fetal position for awhile as the DXM began to take effect on my mind. Ryan was still relatively unaffected and felt gyped. Still strongly under the effects of the tussin, I accompanied Mark and Ryan to our friend Alex's apartment nearby where she was having a barbeque. This is when I noticed that walking normally had become nearly impossible; movement of any kind felt very strange and awkward, which resulted in the oft-cited "robowalk." A few people there noticed my odd behavior and asked us amusedly, "are you guys on drugs?" Mark presumably let everybody know that I was robotripping and everyone poked a bit of fun at me. Eventually we returned to Keith's before Mark suggested they go out to find a second bottle for Ryan. As soon as they left, I felt the full effects of the second plateau. I had already been experiencing what is referred to as music euphoria for quite some time while gravity and movement were significantly altered. I started noticing intense motion trails flowing off of nearly everything in the room. Ryan and Keith returned to find me laying on Keith's couch; my concept of time at this point was rapidly vanishing. Ryan ended up taking a second dose of 15 softgels (bringing his total dosage to 525mg of DXM), leaving 5 additional softgels for me (bringing my total dosage to 375mg). My memory of the events that took place afterward is a little choppy. We spent some time smoking cigarettes in Keith's utility closet at Mark's suggestion (being a stimulant, cigarettes speed up your metabolism a bit) and as we got up to go back inside, the DXM finally hit Ryan as he remarked with a very enthusiastic "WHOA." We both spent quite a bit of time playing Smash Bros. Brawl in the living room as we tripped out of our minds. Eventually I started coming down and decided to drive Ryan and I home (I was mostly sober by this time, only feeling the lingering "afterglow" of the DXM: DON'T EVER DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE, GUYS.) Ryan was still tripping in the car, but we made it home safely where we finally called it a night and went to sleep. Overall, I had a great first experience with this drug and felt very optimistic about future endeavors.

Day two to come~


I'm glad you had sober people with you! Please continue to do so.

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