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Apr. 5th, 2008


For the first time in over a year, I have started recording songs again. I literally have been waking up, playing guitar, writing down what I like (when it comes out) and then going onto the next idea. I have recently recorded two short songs that I think anyone could like, really (even if you're not into instrumental music.) So please, check them out and lemme know what you think.


Mar. 31st, 2008


13 Blues for Thirteen Moons

I haven't had much to post about as of late, so I thought it'd be nice to show you guys my room. I'll take some more pics of the rest of the house as soon as I obtain a new camera (I used my corded webcam for these, so sorry for the awful quality.)

My Play Area (new guitar!)

My Computer Area (yes, that is an end table.)

My Desk (and bed in the mirror's reflection.)

Mar. 24th, 2008

Headphone Girl 6


Here's the total trip cost for those who are curious.

Gas - $350
Food - $200
A Night at a Super 8 in New Mexico - $65
Having My Car Towed to Green River - $80
Two Nights at a Holiday Inn Express in Green River - $150
Having My Car Towed to Price - $300
Five Nights at a Holiday Inn in Price - $750
Insurance Deductible on Car Repairs - $200
Total - $2095
Worth It? - Yes.

Mar. 22nd, 2008


So, it's been about a month now and I still haven't gotten a new monitor yet. I was gonna wait to post this from my computer, but I guess it doesn't really matter.

After literally packing the night before (my car was literally without any free space at all; this would come into play later on in our story) and some emotional goodbyes the next morning, we finally pushed off. The previous evening I had heard that there would be a storm passing through our area, so we had to make sure to leave early in order to beat it. After a couple of hours on the road, it looked like we would be doing just that; we passed through a bit of scattered showers, but eventually the skies cleared up. A few hours into the first leg of our journey, I was feeling pretty good. I thought to myself, "I can probably speed and get away with it." I decided to try. We reached 120 MPH before getting pulled over in Junction, Texas. Luckily for us, the highway patrolman had clocked me going only 96 MPH, so my ticket only ended up being 200 dollars. I decided that it wasn't worth it to speed, so we drove at the speed limit for the rest of our trip. A couple more hours in, my car charger for the camera battery decided to die, so we have all of about five minutes of the trip on film. (I'll remedy this by getting a new camera for the trip back, I promise that this film will be everything that you want.) Another six or seven hours of driving (and some amazingly beautiful, desolate scenery) later, I was finally getting tired. I decided to wait till we were out of Texas to stop for rest. We passed through a brilliantly-lit El Paso late in the evening before finally leaving Texas and ending up in New Mexico. I spotted a Super 8, pulled in, and we passed out for the night. Not bad for a day's work.

As productive as our first day was, I didn't wanna lose that momentum so I made sure to wake up early to shower and pack things up before leaving. After our complimentary breakfast, we gathered our things and were back on the road. Like west Texas, New Mexico was home to some of the most gorgeous desert landscape I've been lucky enough to see. In some kind of perfect coincidence, it was nearing sunset as we passed into the state of Colorado, Eluvium's glorious ambiance playing all the while. Coming from Texas, Joe and I had never seen real snow (I mean, it snowed in Texas last year, but that was more like ice than actual snow.) As such, we decided to stop on the side of the road near a farm to play in the snow for a bit. After about thirty minutes, we (by "we", I mean "our freezing cold hands") decided it was time to get going. A few more hours of driving and we were in Utah, a place we would soon come to know far better than we ever did before. It was nighttime and we were low on gas, so I decided to stop near a small town called Green River. We filled up the tank and started up the car, looking for the way back to the highway. The area was very poorly lit, and I was getting a little frustrated that I hadn't yet seen a way back on. Finally, I just barely caught notice of the sign in time to turn on, but only at the last moment did I realize that I was going way too fucking fast to make the turn.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"


As we swerved and veered off the highway, I couldn't think of anything except that I wouldn't be making it to Seattle after all. I thought, "This is it. We're going to die here and it's my fault." The car came to a halt, leaning almost perpendicular to the highway road that was now above us. I took several deep breaths and then looked around to make sure everyone was alright and that I hadn't hit anyone or anything. Somehow, we hadn't flipped over. After some careful analyzing of the situation, we realized that the only reason we hadn't flipped and tumbled down to our deaths below was that all of the stuff that we couldn't fit into the trunk was lodged into the backseat of the car to the right of Joe. I decided to try the gas, but to no avail. The ground beneath us was far too loose and soft and allowed no traction to be had. I deemed us "fucked" and got out of the car. After some argument and deliberation over what to do, we noticed a driver coming to a stop on the shoulder of the road near us. As he stepped out of his car, I was somewhat filled with relief that someone might be able to help us out. When we were finally within speaking distance, the bearded fellow asked us what had happened. We explained the situation to him, shaking and sniffling all the while (it was really cold outside.) The man, who seemed not too much older than any of us, seemed just as awestruck as we were by the fact that we hadn't been killed. He suggested that I try to back it up the same way we came down. This seemed really crazy to me, but I was so scared that I decided to go ahead and try it. I got back in the car and tried to get it to go in reverse, but still nothing. The ground was just too loose. We tried scooping out some dirt and some rather large rocks from underneath the tires when I noticed that my front bumper was completely destroyed along with my radiator, which was now leaking fluid. Things seemed to be going from bad to worse, when we saw a cop car pull up. They asked us what had happened, and once again, we explained our dire situation. In classic cop manner, he seemed almost intent on busting us for something. He asked me all sorts of questions that cops like to ask teenagers.

"Were you speeding?"

"No, I was going the speed limit. I just took the turn way too sharp."

"Are you sure you weren't speeding, because I don't think this could've happened if you were going the speed limit."

"Yes, I'm sure I wasn't speeding, I just took the turn way too sharp."

After answering all of his questions and giving my information, they finally decided to stop trying to bust us and give us some real help by calling a tow truck. It seemed like hours and hours (it was probably really only about half an hour) before the tow truck finally showed up. The bearded man we had met first had stayed with us all the while to make sure we were okay, and we were extremely thankful that someone could be so caring and compassionate. Before leaving, he told us his name was Elliott and we gave him our names in return, followed by a farewell handshake. The tow truck took us to a Holiday Inn Express in Green River where we would stay for the night.

The next morning (after having breakfast), I walked to the body shop where my car was towed, filed an insurance claim, and was told that I'd have to wait until the next day for the insurance adjuster to call me back. I got back to the hotel room and told Andrey and Joe that we'd have to be here for a couple of days longer; little did we know how long it would really be. We decided we may as well try to explore the area that we were trapped in. We found that Green River may just be the most boring place on this planet, and maybe in the Universe. The nearest restaurants were a good fifteen minute walk, not to mention there wasn't even a Wal-Mart in this town. We went to a nearby convenience store where I discovered something that I had never seen before: Raspberry Pop-Tarts! I'm at least pretty sure that I had never seen them before. It may have just been my desire to see regional differences in various food items, but I'm almost certain I had never seen them before (it'd be cool if one of you cool kids from Texas could check for me next time you're at a store.) After we got back to the hotel room, we watched some television for a few hours before turning in for the night. Exciting, I know.


We woke up somewhat early, had some breakfast, and then I called my claims adjuster to check on the situation. I was advised to have my vehicle towed to a body shop in a nearby town called Price, where my car would be worked on. I decided this would be fine, so I called the body shop where my car was and told them that I'd like to have it towed to AJ's Body & Paint in Price. By the time we got there, the tow truck driver was already gone. Luckily, there was an available driver at the Napa Auto Parts next door. After about an hour drive, we arrived in Price. I got an estimate on the repair cost (which was thankfully almost completely paid for by my insurance) and was told that it may be a few days before my car would be ready. I asked if there were any nearby hotels we could stay at, and ultimately decided that the Holiday Inn was our best option. I was finally starting to feel that maybe our situation wasn't completely hopeless. The person from the shop's office offered us a ride to the hotel, which we graciously accepted (it ended up being kinda far, it would've been a hell of a walk.) We checked into the hotel and found it to actually be quite nice, especially compared to Green River's Holiday Inn Express. It had a huge lobby, a restaurant, a weight room, and a pool. We later got settled into our new temporary home, and decided to explore. We soon found out that the hotel actually offered a free shuttle service to all of its guests. We'd be taking advantage of this quite a bit during our stay. After getting some essentials from Wal-Mart and heading back to our room, we thought it would be nice to relax for awhile. We swam in the pool for a couple of hours before Andrey left; Joe and I decided to try out the weight room before heading back. This became a common practice for Joe and I over the next few days. Later, we found our way back and watched some television before succumbing to sleep.

After waking and heading downstairs for breakfast, I called the body shop to check on things. They told me that it would take longer than expected, as late as Monday, to get the parts they ordered for my car. This meant that we would be stuck here for a whole week.

Sure enough, it took exactly that long. I won't bore you with the details of that week, because it was basically the fourth day over and over again.

I woke up, called to make sure my car was ready (it was), and got a ride to the body shop. After taking care of the insurance deductible, we got in the car and final-fucking-ly got back on the road. I decided that I didn't wanna spend anymore time in a hotel. I decided to make the rest of the trip in one shot. And I did exactly that. Eighteen straight hours of driving later, we passed into Washington, through Seattle, into Seatac, and found our home.

By the time we had found our home, it was nearing daylight. We unpacked, checked out our new house (it's fucking awesome!) and passed out for what seemed like about one hundred hours.

That is the story of how we got here. Questions, comments, or concerns can and should be mailed to:

Mr. David Rivera
3238 S150 ST.
Seatac, WA 91888



PS: I saw the pillows on Wednesday and they were amazing.

Mar. 11th, 2008


We are Here.

A week on the road, one car accident, and a week in Utah later...

Details to come (I'm posting from my Playstation 3), please check back regularly (it's lonely here).

Feb. 15th, 2008

Houkai Amplifier

Prelude for the Time Feelers

We're pushing off tomorrow morning. I will update again in a few days upon our arrival or on the road if I get the chance. I love all of you. Wish us luck!

Feb. 14th, 2008

Stumble Then Rise on Some Awkward Morning.

 After falling asleep relatively early last night, I was awakened by a somewhat annoying buzzing sound emitting from my dresser. I noticed that the number displayed on my phone was one that I'm not familiar with and so I immediately thought, "it must be Matt." Matt is the name of the extremely nice person who is somehow willing to rent his gorgeous home to three 19-20 year olds that he has never met before from out of state. He informed me that our applications were approved, and after some light discussion, that we wouldn't have to pay a huge deposit due to our situation. I seriously don't know how this guy can be so understanding, but it's working for us and I made sure to let him know how much we appreciate his kindness.

I predict we may leave in as little as two days to give us ample time for packing, solidifying our financial situations, saying goodbyes and building up enough courage to bid our farewells to Texas.

So we're leaving. Finally.

For most of you, I'd say to expect a call from me sometime soon (I'd at least like to say goodbye over the phone instead of on livejournal.)

Feb. 13th, 2008


Ágætis Byrjun

The past few days have been rather productive for us. First off: yesterday, my mother got our first reference call. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Signs are pointing to us leaving within the week. Creatively, I couldn't be in a better state of mind (which is unusual, given the absurd amount of stress I've been harboring) and I have begun writing as many as 2 songs within a week, which is relatively amazing compared to my usual output.

Last weekend Joe and I ended up making a surprise appearance at Ikkicon (through the aid of our good-natured friends Keith and Alex) which, despite all of its shortcomings, was met with heartfelt response. Mark, Calvin, Tiffany, Heather, Caitlin, Alex, and A-Chan (who I was introduced to at this convention) were all in attendance and overall it was a special farewell for me. I had almost forgotten what an important part of my adolescence conventions used to be. After having been to probably around fifteen or so conventions, there are several things that I've found no con is complete without: taking turns too early and despising Mapquest, harmonious greetings, seeing daylight creeping in through the shutters just before heading to bed, sleeping in unfamiliar beds with familiar faces, waking up way too early out of fear of missing anything, shower heads that provide way too little water pressure, spending too much or nothing at all on food, meeting new people, and most of all, making our own fun when the cons failed to deliver. 

Friday was a surprisingly nice day for us. We showed up around seven o'clock in the evening after a tumultuous three hours spent in traffic, and at first I was kinda bummed we missed out on the dealer's room. Soon after, we ran into everyone from Boerne and completely forgot about our tardiness. It was then decided that we would walk to Chili's for a nostalgic late night supper (last time I ate at Chili's was actually with these same folks) where we discussed many unusual and irrelevant matters. After returning and wandering around for a bit, I succumbed to my tired eyes and fell asleep on a couch near the game room. I woke up about an hour later and walked over to the panel room area to meet with Joe and Keith for a pretty amusing Mystery Science Theater 3000 homage featuring Ikki Tousen (there were 177 pantie shots in only two episodes.) We later caught a bit of H-fest, but left shortly thereafter when we deemed the particular series being shown "boring as fuck." Earlier that evening, I had met up with Mark and told him I'd hang with him in his room later, so I decided to follow up on that. Upon entering his abode, I was treated to a glorious sight; translucent glass and plastics of various colors and shapes, the sheer amount of which was almost startling, decorated the walls and corners of the room. Unfortunately, I downed only two drinks before being met with news of it being time to sleep for the room's tenants. I too decided I should probably turn in for the night as well if I was to wake at any decent hour the next morning. I returned to the panel room area where I found Keith, Alex and Joe. They were also tiring at this point, so we headed back to Keith's place for some well-deserved shut-eye.

Saturday morning, I woke around nine o'clock to find myself being the only person awake. This has probably only ever happened once before in history and if you know me at all, you are probably just as surprised as I was. We all showered, met Keith's very hospitable mother, and had a satisfying breakfast consisting of potato, egg and cheese tacos, chocolate chip muffins, and orange juice. I was informed that later that day we would be allowed to sample Keith's parents' various liqueurs, which would make up for the wasted potential that was late Friday night. When we arrived at the con, we headed straight to the dealer's room. We once again found Heather and Caitlin (Tiffany and Alex were working) and walked the familiar circular trail that comprises the dealer's room at every convention. Ironically, though we were provided with much more of the day than on Friday, Saturday wasn't too eventful for us. It was spent mostly walking through the halls (I once again fell asleep on that very same couch), in and out of the dealer's room, and finally at the concert later that night. When it was finally time to head back to Keith's, I was already feeling giddy again. Immediately upon arrival, it was time for gentleman's Monopoly (Star Wars Episode I Edition.) The rules were: always have a drink in front of you, drink your drink at all times, whenever you go to jail, chug your drunk or take a shot. After a particularly strong rum & Coke (no thanks to Keith for that one) and five normal rum & Cokes (I made my own drinks the rest of the night), I was pretty gone. One awkwardly pleasant drunken conversation with Keith's dad at six o'clock in the morning and one drunk dial later, we found ourselves fast asleep.

Before I knew it, it was Sunday morning and festivities were coming to an end. After wandering around for a bit, Joe, Alex, Keith and I met with Tiffany, Heather, Caitlin, Alex, and A-Chan for a bit of general conversation and a very heartwarming and emotional goodbye. 

On the way home, we took the scenic route to Huebner Oaks just in time for sunset. We ate, I took Joe home, found my way back and collapsed in bed for a good ten hours.

Feb. 7th, 2008

Kimi Tsunagi 5M

The Sky Remains the Same as Ever

Day before yesterday, Joe and I found an interesting looking house listing on craigslist.org. I decided to e-mail the poster, describe to him our hope(less)ful situation and request an application. I proposed that in exchange for taking us as a liability, we'd pay first month's rent, last month's rent, and the security deposit upon arrival. He said that this may actually prove manageable. So basically...

We may have a home to go to. 

I am so unbelieveably excited. We're faxing our completed applications tomorrow. I hope this pans out, I really do with all of my heart. 

As soon as we were met with this great news, I decided to drive to Kerrville to drop off Kristin's Christmas present. I had preordered all of the Japanese post-rock band Envy's vinyl discography on colored vinyl for Christmas from the very great people at Temporary Residence Limited. I decided to buy Kristin a copy of her favorite Envy album on colored vinyl (limited to 400 copies) and the Mono documentary DVD as a very special gift. 

At first I thought I had chosen a rather unreasonable time to travel, having left as late as five o'clock. I couldn't have been more wrong. As I drove along the lonely, barren pavement that comprises I-10 west, my eyes were met with the most breathtakingly beautiful sunset I have seen in a long time; maybe nineteen years at this point. It was at this very moment that I was reminded of everything I love about Texas. The washes of pink, grey and orange against the sparse and delicate evening sky almost brought me to tears. I thought to myself, "how could I have possibly taken this place for granted for so long?" "Why did I ever want to leave this place?" I started to recall faces, people, family and friends; the times we had, the glorious & understated days of high school, all the feelings we had shared together. It was all under this Texas sky. I felt like I finally understood everything that was good and right with this town. For years I had wanted to desperately escape from this place that had always seemed to move so slowly. Only now do I realize why time stands still here. No amount of pulsing city lights will ever be able to take away the sentimentality that this sky has instilled within me. It just won't be the same anywhere else in the world.

As I finally reached my destination, I met with Kristin on the winding sidewalk. I gave her the gifts I was bearing, wrapped in green wrapping paper, spotted by pink dots and laden with illustrations of Pikachu. At first our meeting was awkward, almost distant. But as soon as our eyes met this feeling vanished completely. We hugged and I held her head to my shoulders. She started to cry, and this broke my heart. Crushes come and go, but I had never underminded what we had in such a way. I thought of how much I had changed since I had met this girl, how she had helped me to become the man I am today. I thought of all the trouble we got in when we skipped much of our high school classes together. I remembered how when we were together, time stopped. I remembered all of the turmoils and turbulence of our relationship. I remembered how no matter how much we fought or how stupid the reason, I treasured every last moment. I remembered summer days spent lazily lying on the floor, watching anime or films, or whatever. I remembered evenings spent with sparkling grape juice and various sweetnesses. I remembered how our closeness was matched only by the hopelessness of our situation, accentuated when she finally left for college. I remembered how I was always following behind, but how all along I should have been standing by her side. I held her in my arms for what seemed like both forever and almost no time at all at the same time. She apologized for not having enough time to be close anymore. I told her not to cry. I would be back. And I would come back a better man. I felt like I was finally heading to where I should have been all along, but I feared the worst. Maybe it was too late for us.

The end may finally be here. And as melodramatic as this might sound, I'm homesick already. But today helped me realize that this is not a one-way journey, and that I do have somewhere to come back to. No matter how far I drive, or how many miles away I am,

Texas will always be home for me.

Feb. 5th, 2008

Headphone Girl 2


Though we had originally planned to leave days ago, we were recently blindsided with news of our friend Andrey possibly being deported. It seems the Gods really are against us this time around. It was only a few days ago that our greatest and only worry was securing a home, when suddenly our greatest worry becomes whether or not Andrey is even allowed to stay in the country. I haven't personally been this stressed out in quite awhile. Luckily for us, today we were informed that his case was resolved and that he would be allowed to continue living in the United States. 

Hurray. Now we can resume our search for an actual destination within Seattle. Unfortunately, Andrey's citizenship status had sidetracked us from our search for a good week or so. If we had a schedule, we'd be very much behind right now.

On an unrelated note: two days ago, we purchased two 6-packs of Corona Light and (at Joe's request) four 4-packs of the gayest drink known to man (strawberry wine coolers) for a party that didn't end up happening. We decided to visit Jordan in Kerrville, take some vodka shots with him (after somehow locking both my keys and my cellphone in my trunk, do not ask me how I accomplished this feat), share with each other about what was going on in our lives and then leave way too early. Last night, while analyzing our stagnant situation, we decided to drink some of the aforementioned wine coolers while watching too many episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at 4 in the morning. I still feel a little gay.


We still don't have a place to go to, we still haven't left, and we have spent a little of our funds on useless driving around and stupidly expensive drinks.

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