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June 2009

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Pizza Dogs

And so, I am up late on a lonely Saturday evening and I'm watching Rachael (Ray)'s Vacation: Park City, Utah. This episode is somewhat significant to me because not only have I actually been to Park City, but it just so happens to be where Andrey, Joe and I met our landlord Matt for the first time. The houses and buildings were beautifully complimented by many inches of snow, and it seemed that the ski resorts were the city's biggest attraction. We were only there for awhile, but I can still remember the scenery and atmosphere very well. It was a happy place.

While reflecting on my memory of Park City, I started remembering some other things about Washington that I hadn't mentioned before, namely pizza dogs. The pizza dog is something that Joe and I discovered at the Orange Julius located in the Southcenter Mall in Seatac. Upon first sampling this wonderful treat, I thought, "hey, we can make this at home!" Later that evening, after stocking up on some of the necessary supplies at the local Target, I was able to recreate what would soon become a staple of my northwest diet.

The main strength of the pizza dog lies in its simplicity in both flavor and assembly. 

Things you'll need:
Hot dog buns
Franks (beef, chicken or pork are fine, but I find beef works best.)
Any pasta sauce or pizza sauce (use whatever sounds good to you.)
Shredded mozzarella cheese (most italian blends would probably work. Once again, whatever sounds good to you should be fine.)
Sliced pepperoni

How to create a delicious pizza dog (in six easy steps):
1. Take your franks and microwave them for 20-30 seconds on high power. Depending on how many you're making, you might want to add a bit more time for this.
2. Place the warm franks in their respected buns.
3. Slather some of your chosen sauce over the franks (make sure not to use too much or you'll end up with soggy buns!)
4. Take some shredded cheese and spread it over the sauce.
5. Place your sliced pepperonis on top of the cheese (I've found that 4 is typically a good number.)
6. Microwave your creation for an additional 15 seconds to melt the cheese and warm the pepperonis.

I probably ate around 50 of these total while in the pacific, and it was only tonight that I realized that I hadn't had one since coming back to Texas. I think I'm gonna have to reintroduce the pizza dog into my life.


sounds awesome.